Friday, April 12, 2013

Signing Off From New Zealand

Here are some photos from the second half of my trip.  After the Eucharistic Convention I headed to the wilderness of New Zealand for some hiking, and for some Hobbit time!  I heard from multiple people that the Hobbiton set was worth a visit, and it most definitely was.  The entire two weeks were very blessed.  Here are some pictures below.

The view driving from the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the car.  Question: "Was it weird?"  Answer: "Yes!"

The facial expression of a person in their first hour of driving on the wrong side of the road.  The rental car company didn't specifically say "Don't take a picture of yourself in your first hour of driving in New Zealand" so I don't think I was breaking any laws here.

 Hobbiton!  a view of the mill and the bridge

"And what about very old friends?" 

I'm hoping Peter Jackson sees some of my photos and brings me on board as a director of photography!

Bag end from a distance

 The view from the Green Dragon

 A Hobbit hole


An ale at the Green Dragon

Day 2 of exploration: Tangariro National Park
Tama Lakes Trail Hike


The volcano that I hiked to

A stream along the way


Lower Tama Lake as a panorama


A photo from upper Tama Lake.  The volcano is in the background.  The top was under cloud cover when I was up there

 Day 3: Hanging out in Auckland

Adoration followed by Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland.  I didn't know the schedule when I got there at 11, but I was hoping for some adoration time and Mass.  Adoration began at 11, and Mass was at noon!!  God is good!


  1. How lovely! Beautiful photos! God is indeed good!

  2. I like your sense of humor. This looks like a wonderful trip. My husband and I dream of going to NZ someday. Was the Eucharistic Congress a world wide event?

  3. We homeschool and our kids are going to love these pictures and the driving in New Zeeland........great visual ....the boys will find it thrilling and the girls will love the hobbit houses!!! Thanks for making Geograpy and Vocations fun!!!! You have inspired our conversations on the Priesthood!!!!

  4. Hi Fr. john, It was great to see your pics from the last few days in NZ. I am pleased that you enjoyed your time here. You know you are always welcome back!!