Monday, March 4, 2013

A Good Priest Friend Joins the Blogosphere

Click HERE to check out ArchIndy's newest blogging priest.  

A priest friend of mine from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis has joined the blogosphere!  Fr. Aaron Jenkins, who was originally a classmate of mine, but was ultimately ordained a year before me (I flunked a year in the seminary!!), has started a cool new blog.

Anyway, he has been a good friend since helping me unload my car when I arrived at St. Meinrad for the first time on a cold January rainy day at the side door of Sherwood Hall in 2004.

Fr. Jenkins' blog deals with all of his various hobbies that he has, and I think you will find it very entertaining.  It is also a solid opportunity to see that priests can have a hobby and a passion in life.  Check out Fr. Aaron Jenkins' blog by clicking here.

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