Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live Action Back At It


  1. thank you so much for posting this, we need this information to get out to many. Let us pray for Americans to see the evil of all abortion

  2. I see absolutely no difference between sex-selected abortions and abortions in general. Why 90% (according to liveaction.com) of americans are against certain abortions and only 51% (according to gallup.com) are against all abortion is mind-boggling! What makes the fact that a woman wants to abort her daughter any more heinous than her wanting to adopt her unspecified-gender child? Evil is evil, and I think we should be asking pro-choicers against sex-selection what the difference is. It's all the woman's choice, isn't it??
    All we can do is pray. And tell them they're wrong :)

    1. I agree 100% - sex selective abortion is as heinous as any other abortion. I think Live Action and others are noting it because of Obama/PP/culture of death to paint themselves as "pro woman" when in reality abortion takes out significantly more women than men.

      The issue of sex-selective abortions can actually help bring home those entrenched in the culture of death because it will cause some to see that abortion isn't this little quiet thing that happens on the fringe of our society, it is something that is RESHAPING the very nature of our human family. Obviously, we in the pro-life community wish such people would have woken up to the catastrophic nature of abortion just by simply seeing some pictures, we wish they would have woken up by simply thinking about one abortion, we wish they would have woken up when they heard that 45,000,000 children have been surgically aborted - but they didn't, and so if the fact that women are being wiped out and targeted wakes some pro-deathers up, then I say we have a job to get word out about this issue of sex-selective abortions as well.

  3. So, so sad... How can she (PP) smile and laugh and act so light-hearted when the conversation is all about the killing of an innocent child. Of course there is NO reason that can justify abortion, but because the baby is female!?! How can anyone, especially a woman, even consider such a thing? I've heard of gender-selective abortions, but to see it so casually discussed--like it's a decision on par with what color to paint a room--is despicable. Also, where does that leave their (PP's) explanation of "it's just a bunch of tissue, so there's nothing wrong with abortion?" It reminds me of a child who has lied and then makes up fantastic story after story to try to keep the original lie hidden. Thank you to Live Action for their efforts to expose PP's lie, thus revealing the truth.

  4. While I applaud Live Action's pro-life activities, I don't agree with their tactics. As a commentor Joe Gabowski put it, “Gut-wrenching video, in every respect. The horror of what’s being discussed, the horror of how it’s being obtained, all converging to make for one great sadness. It hits at one of those finer points in the objection against lying for a good cause though: that laughter in the moment when the woman mentions that she’s had two abortions herself already – it should haunt us in our sleep. I cannot even conceive of laughing, even in a ploy or a conceit. That’s the moment my cover would be blown. How even to act laughter, when the angels are weeping? It would tear apart one’s own moral metaphysical nature to attempt it. And that’s the upshot: we cannot employ these tactics because even if they’re not sins for which we are culpable they are actions which engage a kind of violence against our moral nature within the act. This is, of course, to say nothing of all the positives evils done by this kind of activity, which I’ve noted before and won’t labor to elucidate here: the treatment of the ‘other,’ so wounded, so exploited, who more than anyone needs truth herself. To laugh at a woman who’s had two abortions herself, and all the damage its done her – to join her in her laughter at it! – all for the sake of some ‘evidence’ which is inadmissible in any serious legal application, unconvincing in any shrewd argumentative sense (because it can’t be demonstrated or proven to be “typical”). It pains the soul.”

    Scott W.