Thursday, May 31, 2012

Imagine Sisters

Here is an AWESOME video from some religious sisters spreading awareness about the call to religious life.  So much of the vocation work, inevitably, is devoted to attracting more young men towards the priesthood, but the role of religious sisters has also been indispensable and is SO IMPORTANT!  We need lots of young women stepping forward and answering the call that God is placing on their heart, and like the sisters keep saying - it leads to happiness!   If you really love your friend/daughter why not support them and even encourage them to pursue such a life?

It certainly seems like momentum is building among young women I have encountered in my priesthood, and becoming a religious sister is back on the table for lots of our young women, and as noted on here and many other places and many studies on the subject, the attraction is overwhelmingly towards those orders that desire to be in union with the Church and the bishops.

Do you know someone who might be interested or who you think would make a great religious sister and would find their ultimate fulfillment in such a life?  How about saying so to them directly, and maybe sending them this video or directing them towards the website for the movement (which can be accessed by clicking here)

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  1. Thanks for posting. I haven't heard about this yet, but Sr. Joseph Andrew (the Dominican Sister who spoke a lot in this video) visited here a couple months ago. Wow! She's a great speaker and really connected with the girls/young women here.