Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cardinal Dolan Explains the Suit on CBS


  1. i love how when Cardinal Dolan is trying to explain that the issue is about religious freedom and not women's health or contraception CBS puts up those polls numbers. classic move CBS... does unbiased reporting exist in mainstream media anymore?

  2. OMGoodness! Does anyone see the ticker at the bottom that says, "Dolan On Lawsuit Over Contraception". Again, the media claiming it's all about contraception. I have to say... Yes, I'd like to help save souls and get people to try to understand the moral wrong of contraception, but honestly, little ol' me is not going to change what people do in their bedrooms, and for that, it's on the individuals. But when it comes to the state of the NATION and Freedom of Religion, that is something we ALL need to stand up for. This is a HUGE deal!