Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mark Wahlberg - FANTASTIC Video on Faith, Going to Church Every Day, etc.

Fascinating interview - especially worth listening to the last minute and a half! This is coming from a guy who's seen both sides of life, and doesn't just rap about them!


  1. That is very beautiful to see such a faith filled young father. May God continue to watch over him and guide him

  2. Did you see the Letterman show interview?

    Wish he practiced what he preached.....

  3. He obviously needs some Church guidance through catechesis on family planning!!

  4. I do not think we should attack either "Marky Mark" Wahlberg or Jefferson Bethke, at least not too severely. I think both of them have real experiences with God, and both have the need of growth. But wait, I am old as the hills and I need that guidance too. A lot.

    I wonder if he realizes that movies such as "Boogie Nights" may not have been the best choice in ways to use his body or acting skills? I hope he does. At least young Bethke is trying at the young age of 22 to walk away from the misuse of sexuality. Also in my own contacts with Jefferson Bethke, and I have had several, I have not found a person who "hates religion."

    He also now states publicly on his blog that he would not have worded his poetry that way if he had a chance to do over, particularly with the use of the word "religion."

    Unfortunately we cannot fix the past--only God can. Maybe with prayer and guidance he too will be a wonderful Catholic priest one day such as you are, Father!

    My point is only this--both of these guys have a piece of the Truth, and both may be missing some of it too. But rather than hating either of their approaches to God and Faith, I rejoice that they each have encountered God and continue to do so. And mostly I must look inside myself and say, "what would I do in their shoes?"

    And by the way Father, if you ever move to MN you will be my priest:). You share wonderfully.