Sunday, January 29, 2012

Health-Care Brainstorm

This time next year, what surgeries and operations will your health care plan NOT be required to cover even though President Obama will be forcing every insurance to cover getting a freaking vasectomy??? Leave a comment in the inbox and let's see if we can't create a list.

Side note - anyone know of a person in the United States who can't afford contraception?


  1. Prenatal and birthing care will not be covered.

  2. I just lost my lifelong job of 34 years, I have No income, The Company tried to deny unemployment, Why?? Because 5 older Religious women decided I wasn't doing MY job the way THEY felt it should be done? and they wanted another married man to have it, because HE flirted with them, So They Fabricate a story and go to management and have a mans livelihood taken from him, so Now they are happy they got what they wanted, Now they can wear their "I'm On the Jesus Squad" T Shirts Proudly!!! A Hard working man who did nothing more than show up and do his job, and pay his bills, nothing more, (I'm sorry I didn't display my religious beliefs on my Shirt , or in any Public display) I lost my benefits including Health insurance!!!!

    Vasectomy? I can't even afford to get my hair clipped ;-( I did learn one thing? Religious people? Those who quote scripture at the work place? listen to Christian music? Wear crosses, and wear JESUS Tee Shirts? They are the MOST Unchristian people I have ever met, To go out of their way to Take a mans job???? and You are worried about how Health insurance is spent?

    Perhaps you so called Christian people, should just Keep Your damn NOSE'S out of other peoples lives, Who are all of YOU to decide what is right and wrong for other people? Say? Doesn't the 10 commandments say to Honor the Sabbath? I don't see any of ya Picketing the local Wal Mart, Open Sundays and Holidays,

    You seem to pick out some subject YOU feel strongly about, then run with it and make an issue of it, Who cares about coverage for another man's, or woman's sex life?

    Why the Hell, do You People feel You can dictate what another person of consenting age, does in the privacy of their bedroom?

    If is not illegal? Then why do YOU care so much?

    I seem to recall where Priest's take Vows of celibacy, but obviously, some not seriously,

    Abusing Alter boys? School Children? Bishops who have hidden children? Hummmmm Seems to be a Problem with the rule makers here?

    Rules from Rome? Didn't the CHIEF Priests Have our Savior Crucified???

    You don't Follow the Chief Priests RULES? They can become pretty Militant!

    Whatever happened to SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE?

    YOU Start PAYING Taxes, and STOP Accepting Government Hand outs and Vouchers, etc?
    Then Ya have a say in how its spent.

    Seems we need to keep our own houses in order, and not worry about what another man does in theirs!

    Perhaps a Bit of Latex is a better solution than KILLING unwanted babies, and having surgeries,

    Sex is a Gift from God! But it is also a Natural thing as well! a Bodily Function,

    Wanna tell me I cannot Barf as well? its going the wrong way, its not the natural thing.

    What about the Face lifts? BOOB Jobs? Tunmmy Tucks and all the un natural things women do to make themselves look young?
    Or the C Sections? or the Drugs for Labor pain? What ever Happened to Natural Child birth? Pain is normal with it right?

    and the Stomach Bands and By passes? why not just tell em to put the forks down, and stop eating ? Gluttony? Not a sin? and it goes on , and on...

    Perhaps You should all remember the story about casting the First stone, and Judge not, lest YE be Judged, and FALSE WITNESS!

    Yeah, I'm worried about what Insurance will, or won't pay for !

    I had MINE Stolen from me...

  3. I am sorry you lost your job. I hope that you are able to find something else soon... it will be difficult in this economy.

    I would actually take the time to address the rest of the dribble you vomited if this was my blog, if you had posted with an account (instead of hiding behind "anonymous"), and if I had the slightest thought that you actually wanted a reply.

    I pay taxes. I have a say.

  4. Sorry, but vasectomies are the least of this country's concerns. Contraception ain't cheap either.

    This blog is taking a radical turn of its own. I understand that you write because it was recommended by the pope or archbishop, but the continued divisive nature of your posts and the self righteous indignation are becoming more difficult to swallow.

    I don't get it. Furthermore, it pushes people away. One of Catholicism's least attractive qualities is this unrelenting sense of superiority over all sects.

    Tone it down and lighten up, you'll feel better Father, I promise.

    1. "Tone it down and lighten up, you'll feel better..." you should pass that on to Cardinal Mahony, normally pretty cozy with the liberal agenda himself I believe his words were "This is a sad moment in the life of our country" and that "I cannot imagine a more direct and frontal attack on freedom of conscience than this ruling today. This decision must be fought against with all the energies the Catholic Community can muster.”

      Dude, Cardinal Mahony, chill's just sterilization and contraception!

    2. Anonymous. I think you're the one who needs to lighten up. I agree with Anon: I would respond to your rant, but I don't think you want to hear it. All I can say is that you were made by the Creator, who loves you, and he sent his Son to us, to establish his Church here on earth. The Catholic Church remains that church today, and those of us who call it home, and recognize it as the great gift that it is, are grateful to Father Hollowell and men like him who aren't afraid to speak out on behalf of us all.

      I will pray for you, that you can find peace and a new job, and that you will respect the rights of others to voice their beliefs.

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