Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Article on Sports and Reality

I continue my Christmas break pattern of not writing anything original, but at least passing on things that are written by other people!

This is a really good article on sports (which I and the author both love) and the need to balance sports with reality - or perhaps we should say to NOT BALANCE sports with reality, but to instead make reality and real issues weightier than the entertainment provided by athletics.

Click here to read the column by Norman Chad (the Slouch)


  1. Just read that Los Angeles Bishop Gabino Zavala, Has resigned from the Church as Bishop. He has three Teenage Children.

    Seems the Church took another Hit. ;-(

    If this Happens to a Bishop? I worry about all You Young Priests working day to day in the field. I mean if he had ONE Teenager? I can see it was a Weak moment,

    But three? Seems He knew what he was doing, and kept it covered up for a lot of years.

    Makes ya worry about ALL of you now,

    And YOU Father Being so good at the House cleaning, Cooking, and all? You would be a good catch!

    (Snicker) Sorry..... a Bit of Humor to lighten up the Comments from Above. ;-P

  2. @Anonymous: That is why I say prayers daily for the priests of my parish, the priest who heard my last confession and priests of blogs that I read often (including Fr. John Hollowell). A priest's primary function is to save souls, which in turn puts them in grave danger. Our prayers are the least we can do in order to support them.