Friday, October 28, 2011

We Hit 100,000 Views On Here!

I wanted to note a historic moment that occurred yesterday - the blog hit the 100,000 view mark!

As I noted at 50,000, I really am shocked and thankful to see how God has used this whole thing. There are certain things in my life that I've done that, in the back of my head, I knew it was only because of God's grace, but in the moment it really felt like I was willing it to happen. Here I'm thinking of things like playing football, teaching, and also some of the adventures I've had traveling across the U.S.

There have been other things where I have been so aware of the fact that God is the one really steering that I really do not find it difficult to remain humble about. For example, when a priest friend and I helped lead several Katrina clean-up trips, despite some people giving me the credit, I really had a profound sense that it was God's doing. This blog has been another one of those events for me in my life.

A quick story about one of the reasons this blog has hit 100,000 - A post that continues to draw a couple hundred views a week is the post on the litany of Yoda. The reason...Google images somehow routes people to my blog a lot of the time now when people search for an image of Yoda. I have no idea how that happens, but the good Lord brings a couple hundred people a week to the blog who are simply looking for a picture of Yoda to download. Now most of you that have done a Google image search will know that you don't even have to truly visit the site to get the picture, but undoubtedly a person or two has actually checked out the blog. Because I kind of talk bad about Yoda, I'm thankful no Star Wars computer science major has gotten mad at me and hacked the blog in protest of me talking bad about the little green guy!

Anyway, thanks for being a part of a great community on here. Know of my prayers for you, and if you ever need some specific prayers, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Also, if you ever have a topic that you think would be interesting to see a post on, please know that I'd love suggestions!

God bless!
Fr. John Hollowell


  1. Dear Father,
    I have a quick question to ask you. If a person was raised Catholic, then got married in a non-catholic church to a person who was married before and got a divorce, but not an annulment, making it an adulterous situation, then they got a divorce and this person was again married in a non-catholic church, but the spouse died, so what would this person have to do to come back to the church? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this person would need to get an annulment because the first spouse was divorced and remarried making them not actually married, but in an adulterous situation, and the second spouse died, making the marriage non-existent anymore, so would that mean that all this person would have to do is go to confession and receive communion, and they will be a considered a practicing Catholic again. Also, does it make any difference that this person was re baptized in a non-catholic church, and has also received communion in a non-catholic church? I thank you for taking time to read my question, and please comment back. Please also pray for this person. THANKYOU

  2. feel free to email me directly and we'll get this one straightened out. If you are really serious about this question, then there are a lot of other factors that will go into the decision in addition to what you've listed above. Again, just contact me directly

  3. But I don't have an email account.

  4. get one if you want to hash this out - it only takes 20 seconds.