Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marriage Prep Weekend

This weekend I helped with a program at Holy Rosary for couples preparing for marriage called "One In Christ." It is an exciting new program that came from a priest in Chicago and it is a nice mix of working on practical skills like communication and finances, but also bringing in some theology along the way as well.

In addition to myself, the actual facilitators of the weekend were Mark and Michelle Overhalt, and they do a fantastic job and they treat this program as their main ministry for the Church and it is a fantastic ministry! There were also two other married couples who help facilitate the weekend and give some of the talks. One of the couples was Eric and Sarah Babbs, and Sarah is a fellow Catholic blogger. She is part of a blog that features thoughts from lots of young Catholic authors. Her work (and the work of her team) can be found by clicking here. When she's not contributing to that blog, she maintains her own blog, Fumbling Toward Grace, which can be found here. Both are very much worth your time. It is just great to be in the same room with a bunch of people who like being Catholic!

These were my talks from the weekend (the battery ran out on the third talk) which were the more theologically centered presentations, but perhaps someone may find them interesting. The first talk is on sin/suffering, the second is on redemption/forgiveness and the third talk is on the difference between a covenant and a contract. Let's all pray for a continued strengthening in marriages throughout our country!

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