Sunday, March 27, 2011

Important! - Groups Trying to Subvert Church's Teachings

Very important, concise, and well written report from Thomas Peters about groups spending tons o' cash to try to secretly subvert Church teachings and confuse faithful Catholics. Read the report by clicking here.


  1. Interesting.

    A) How much money is the Catholic Church spending to spread its lies about secular marriage equality?

    B) With all the starvation, rape, murder, addiction, disease, etc etc in the world, why is one of the larger religions of the world so focused on something that harms no one???

    Perhaps you need to examine what you are doing a little more closely.

  2. A). That's more begging the question than one can really respond to, but I think anyone could appreciate the difference between an outside group countering another's agenda and having someone in your group trying to subvert that agenda. Imagine an NAACP member spreading KKK propaganda.

    B.) The charitable work done by the Catholic Church goes toe-to-toe with anyone else. As far as being so focused on homosexuality, it is directly proportional to the onslaught to bully everyone with governmental power into approving perverse sexual acts. To wit: if there is ever a Thieves' Pride Parade, the Church will spend more time talking about the wrongness of stealing.