Friday, March 4, 2011

Contraception and Marriage Class


  1. Fr. Hollowell,
    Thank you for posting your classes and sermons. It is wonderful to see a priest jumping into these issues with our youth. My husband and I are on the Sanctity of Life Committee in a parish that has fallen prey to liberal political and moral ideology over Church teaching (big college town). We are working on ways to bring the dangers of contraception to light in a very skeptical and hostile environment. I sent your class to our chairman as a resource. It gives us hope to see priests in our age group who follow and teach orthodoxy! God bless.


  2. Thank you Father for taping this and posting it. I found Christopher West's book "The Good News on Sex and Marriage" quite compeling and find it a nice reference for people with questions. However, your class is also very straight forward and now easily available for reference.
    - Laura

  3. Any chance of seeing the next class on marriage, the one with your brother and his wife?

  4. I meant to tape it but forgot - SO SORRY!! From everything I heard it was very awesome, but I had to cover my brother's classes while he presented to mine, and I forgot to record it. I'm still kicking myself!