Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lila Rose In Action

Regardless of what you think of Glenn Beck, this is a great introduction to Planned Parenthood. If you disagree with this, don't not watch, watch it and then DEBATE the issues here. If you think this is rubish, let's talk about it respectfully. I'll watch whatever you want me to watch if you send it to me.


  1. Wow. No matter what your view of abortion is, although I suspect most of us reading this blog oppose it, the fact that an adult in a healthcare role, would advsie a pregnant 13 year old to lie, have a secret abortion, etc...makes me physically ill. Many believe politicians and media alike, spin the truth and make things up (my self included at times.) But if we believe only 10% of this video, then we all should be horrified. Thank you for sharing this and, really, opening my eyes.

  2. The brilliant thing about what Live Action did was to establish that this is a culture at Planned Parenthood. If Live Action had only done one or two Planned Parenthood videos, PP could say "this was a rogue counselor" but the fact that so many different "counselors" from PPs all over the country said similar things illustrates the fact that Planned Parenthood CORPORATELY is all about abortions because they are profitable.