Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Commentary on the Pitfalls of Individuality

I finally started receiving my Catholic World Reports again now that my new address is all straightened out (subscribe here if interested). There is a FANTASTIC article in the January edition that is short, succinct, beautiful and humorously written which describes the mindset of cafeteria Catholics today - a mindset that must be surmounted if people truly hope to encounter the Truth of Christ and His Church.

The article can be viewed by clicking here. Here is a great excerpt:

"Nobody gets to tell me that I'm not a Catholic," wrote Charles Pierce in a lengthy essay entitled, "What I believe," which was featured in an August issue of the Boston Sunday Globe magazine. For most readers, no doubt, questions about what Charles Pierce believes are secondary only to the question: who the hell is Charles Pierce? But he must be a very important person, if no one has the authority to tell him that he's not a Catholic."


"The Globe essay contains the standard attacks on the Church hierarchy, backed by the standard quotes from Richard McBrien, the preferred theologian of anti-Catholic Catholics. But Pierce goes further, announcing: "I simply don't want what they call a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." Makes you wonder why he's hanging out in Catholic churches - if indeed he is hanging out in churches."

Thanks to the author for a brilliant dissection of the idiocy that is cafeteria Catholicism.

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