Friday, February 18, 2011

Bieber Fever

I've never heard a Justin Bieber song but he's climbing the charts in my book. In a Rolling Stones Magazine he said something about how abortion seems wrong to him. He didn't go on and on about it, he just mentioned that it seemed wrong to him.

Wow, did the flood gates open or what? The guy has been slammed by every liberal pro-abortion outlet possible, proving once again it is definitely not cool to stand up against the abortion industry.

My favorite was an MSN headline (I try to avoid MSN at all cost, but it popped up on a different computer that I don't normally use) and the headline said something to the effect of "Bieber learning lesson of other celebs - pop and politics don't mix!"

This is the irony of ironies of ironies! WHAT OTHER CELEBRITY KEEPS QUIET ABOUT POLITICS? All the other celebrities that speak out on abortion or politics are liberal, though, so that's apparently okay. The first celebrity in the history of the world says something about abortion and MSN pretends that celebrities should be quiet about politics???

Where was their call for celebs to be quiet about politics when Alec Baldwin said he'd leave the country if G.W. Bush was elected president. That mood of the media around that story was one of mourning - "Oh, please, Alec, don't go!" seemed to be the media's lament.

Where was the call by the media for celebs to lay low when Matt Damon and others absolutely berated Sarah Palin? Their comments weren't just political, they were absolutely vicious. Bieber makes one single whisper about abortion and he gets beat down?

Where was the call by the media for celebs to stay out of politics when Oprah was crying over the prospects of Obama getting elected

or when Whoppi pontificates daily on absolutely ridiculous liberal topics

or when Kathy Griffin opens her mouth

or when Dave Letterman has on anyone who is conservative

or when Sean Penn turns another one of his awards' speeches into the democratic pro-choice platform

or when Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon weigh in on life

or when Ashley Judd plays her Planned Parenthood trumpet again

I agree that the fact that Justin Bieber has come out against abortion doesn't PROVE that pro-life is the right side (although the liberal media often uses the fact that the rest of Hollywood besides Justin Bieber is pro-abortion to "prove" that pro-abortion is very intelligent). I've always said that the fact that we put ANY stock in ANY celebrities comments blows my mind - we give these people our money precisely to NOT live in reality, to NOT experience the life that normal people live, and then we turn around and grant creedence to their political pontifications?

Beyond the weight we grant these celebrities, however, it absolutely blows my mind that the media has such a blatant double standard with this Justin Bieber thing. Welcome to life as a pro-lifer Biebs!

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  1. Even more interesting is when you research the amount and level of education that a celebrity has obtained in the course of his/her life. Most famous celebrities barely, if at all, graduated high school. Yet for some odd reason, the world seems to think they are the authority on political, socio-economic or other topics. At least we know most athletes are not the most intelligent people on earth, so why does the media and society give an actor/actress so much credit when they typically have very little knowledge about anything?