Friday, February 3, 2012

Why You Can't Even Talk to Obama et. al.

Yesterday, the President's spokesperson took the stage and instead of answering questions, took a well-worn page out of the Obama playbook - act like the other side is stupid and doesn't understand.

Question after question was asked along the lines of "What about the President requiring religious institutions to cover contraception"

Answer...time and time again..."we aren't requiring anyone to use contraception."


Not only does it not answer the question, it treats the President's political opponents like they are stupid and don't understand how simple it is. At Notre Dame, the President famously called for people not to reduce political opponents "to a caricature" and yet he is doing it himself in the most ridiculous and blatant way yet again.

WE KNOW IT ISN'T REQUIRING ANYONE TO USE CONTRACEPTION...Now answer the question you were a man...stand there and at least have the intellectual honesty to own what you have done as an administration.

Click here to read the entire transcript of the White House briefing.