Friday, February 24, 2012

NPR News Story Illustrates Planned Parenthood Double Standard

Yesterday I was on the road and I did something I knew was going to likely get my blood pressure up - after every other station was on a commercial I switched over to NPR. Sure enough, as I switched over, a story was beginning on Virginia's law to require ultrasounds before abortions. Granted, without being an expert on ultrasounds, I'm not sure why Virginia was wanting them to be 'transvaginal' ultrasounds as opposed to a regular one, but that wasn't even the take on the story anyways. I list a few complaints with NPR

complaint 1 on the story: NPR refers over and over to two camps, the first being "anti-abortion" and the second being "abortion rights supporters." Really? Again, postmoderns have nothing substantive to fight with, they simply can try and change words around and try to reshape debates through labeling. Why not call one camp "anti-children" and the other "defenders and crusaders for the beautiful cause for life"? Wouldn't they moan and complain and whine like "babies"? (pun intended)

complaint 2 in this story: Look at what a Planned Parenthood rep from Metropolitan Washington D.C. said in the story:

"I don't think that any of us want politicians interfering with our medical decisions or the government mandating what is medically necessary...This has to do with...interfering with the patient/doctor relationship."

Ah, the irony!

Let's take it in two parts. Part 1 "I don't think any of us want politicians interfering with our medical decisions or the government mandating what is medically necessary"

I totally agree! I don't think so either. And where have we heard her word mandate before...hum...Oh, I remember, from President Barack 'Planned Parenthood' Obama. Planned Parenthood and I on the same page...this is a first!

Second part of her quote "this has to with interfering with the patient/doctor relationship." Hum, where have I heard that complaint recently...Oh, I remember, it has been from the Catholic doctors and patients who have been saying for several years to the government "leave our consciences alone."

It is sickening to watch the demonic wordsmiths at Planned Parenthood continue to utterly manipulate and misrepresent the truth. But you have to hand it to them (with an assist to their allies at NPR) they are very good at playing the victim while victimizing the rest of the country who doesn't buy in to their world view.

You can read the whole story here