Sunday, February 26, 2012

"I Have A Say" - Send Me Your Stories!!! PLEASE!!!

Cecile Richards is the President of Planned Parenthood and she put out a video yesterday asking women to post videos titled "I Have a Say." Her stated rationale was to protest women not being invited to a recent House meeting on birth control. The meeting was on religious freedom, not birth control, so their lies continue.

Anyway, I've started a second blog called "I Have A Say" and I want to make it a place that is solely filled with YOUR stories. Stories about why your thankful you do have a say! Perhaps a thank you to your parents who, through their "yes to life" have given you a say. It could be a beautiful collection of stories and essays affirming life and all of its beauty.

Again..."Who are you thankful for giving you a say, and what does it mean to you to have a say."

Please send entries to Let me know if you want your full name published, just your first name, or your entire name. Also, please give me a TITLE for what you write.

Spread this around; I'd love to get tons of stories on there. The address for the other blog is (or you can click here to visit the site)