Saturday, January 25, 2020

Some of my siblings and I reflect on my Mom and Dad's 41 years at Roncalli High School

At the beginning of this academic year, my Dad announced that he would be retiring at the end of the upcoming school year.  

He contemplated retirement several years ago, but decided to lead the school through the final capital campaign of a plan that had been charted 20 plus years ago.  

The final project was the gym, which was just completed.

Several of my siblings (I count my brother in law as a sibling) wrote up our reflections on what we have seen in both my Mom and Dad as they have, as a team, helped lead and guide Roncalli High School for 41 years.

If you know my parents, or if you are a fan of Catholic schools and leadership, I think you will find these short reflections tell the TRUE story of how Roncalli came to be one of the leading Catholic schools in the country, and the largest private school in Indiana, while also becoming a beacon of Catholic identity and Catholic culture.

Here's our version of what has happened at Roncalli these past 41 years:

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