Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Coming Home to Catholicism

This was a great episode of The Journey Home.  I hope you can watch it all.  Very charitable with TONS of great quotes and takeaways.

Here were a few of my favorite quotes:

“Any answer to the question: “Which Church should I attend?” that doesn’t have as its singular conclusion “Whichever Church Jesus established” results in consumerism.  [if that’s not what I’m asking] I’m therefore going to some place that [just] makes me comfortable or that I THINK is right”

“And actually we don’t know what we ought to think about certain contested issues in the Scriptures; we wrestle with exegetical questions all the time, and you can’t always sort that out with more exegesis.  Wonderful exegetes disagree with each other so frequently.  And so is there a divinely protected organism in the world that is able to discern for us or settle those matters for us?”

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