Sunday, September 22, 2019

Catholicism and Yoga

Number one question I’m asked as a priest: “Father, can I do Yoga?”

Me: “No. but as a follow up, why would you want to?”

Person: “it’s like normal stretching”

Me: “Then just do normal stretching, since it is NOT attached to Eastern non-Catholic spiritualism”

“But Yoga is just body movements!”

Me: “So is genuflecting, giving someone the middle finger, making the sign of the cross...most of the best and worst things in the world are “body movements”. We must recapture the Catholic understanding that the body and soul are connected”

Person advocating for Catholic-Yoga: “But praying and stretching are so peaceful!”

Me: “It’s important to work out and take care of ourselves. But do you know what is more peaceful than stretching while praying...JUST praying. (Rosary/Scripture/adoration/holy hour/etc.)

Some have said Fr. James Martin is prompting some kind of “Catholic Yoga”. Well, I typically believe the exact opposite of Fr James Martin. That he likes “Catholic Yoga” does not surprise me in the least, sadly.

Some were saying St Ignatius asked for “Catholic Yoga” to be created. If so, I would confront St Ignatius on that, as Paul confronted Peter.

There’s no “Catholic Ouija Board”
There’s no “Catholic Tarot Cards”
There’s no “Catholic Chakra Wheels”

There’s no “Catholic horoscope”
There’s no “Catholic seance”
There’s no “Catholic Yoga”

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