Sunday, August 4, 2019

4 Quotes on Terrorism

4 quotes from the Catholic Church's "Compendium of Social Doctrine" on Terrorism (#ElPaso #Dayton ) found in paragraphs 513-515

1) "Terrorism is to be condemned in the most absolute terms. It shows complete contempt for human life and can NEVER be justified"

2) "The targets of terrorist attacks are generally places of daily life and not military objectives in the context of a declared war. Terrorism acts and strikes under the veil of darkness, with no regard for any of the rules by which men have always sought to set limits to conflicts"

3) "There exists, therefore, a right to defend oneself from terrorism" - St. John Paul II

4) "Needed is a commitment on the political and educational levels, In order to resolve, with courage and determination, the problems that in certain dramatic circumstances can foster terrorism: "the recruitment of terrorists in fact is easier in situations where rights are trampled and injustices are tolerated over a long period of time"

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