Thursday, March 29, 2018

Here's a shocker: our parish gets in fights all the time

Homily for Holy Thursday

We have something going on at this parish that has been going on since I arrived, and it has been going on for I’m sure the 152 years of this parish, and it has been going on in every parish and every family for the last 2,000 years, and it was going on all the time with the Apostles

There are fights and disagreements and frustrations among us

I’m not chastising our parish for it – I’m sure I’m the cause of some of it, I’m sure I make some of it worse or exacerbate some of it…I’m not alarmed by the bickering and disagreements

I’m from a family of 11 kids – I know what is possible despite the bickering, fighting, skirmishes, alliances, etc.

In fact, far from saying that it is some huge problem, I’d say almost the opposite – I’d suggest that if it is a scandal for you when people argue and disagree and have alliances and bicker then you need to get out more

The Apostles were fighting and arguing all the time.  “Lord, whose the best?” “Lord, can I sit at your right and my brother at your left?” “Hey Thomas, we saw the risen Christ – and  Thomas responds: Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it” Luke tells us: “They were arguing among themselves about who was the greatest”  They all fled him on his arrest.  They denied him.  They didn’t trust the women who would see the empty tomb..St. Paul rebuked St. Peter in front of the early Church...and on and on

Jesus shows them how to navigate this as a Community: SERVE EACH OTHER


The Eucharist and the Priesthood form the apparatus of the Church in the world, but he is saying SERVE EACH OTHER AMIDST THE BICKERING and DISAGREEMENTS


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