Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pope Benedict Synod Quote?

What would Pope Benedict say to all the people running around hoping that the Church will change some fundamental teaching?

I think he already said it several decades ago.  There's a silver lining in the fact that people even care what the Church teaches in the first place.

He noted in Called to Communion:

"In the midst of a world full of harsh discipline and inexorable pressures, a secret hope still looks to the Church... Consequently, this rage at the Church, or disappointment with her, has a particular quality, because in their heart of hearts people expect more of her than of all worldly institutions.”

Not to be un-ecumenical here or anything but if the Budhists (or Anglicans or daoists, or wiccans, etc. etc.) were having something like our Synod on the Family, would there be anything approaching the interest that even those outside the Church are giving to this Synod?

A secret hope indeed!

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