Thursday, January 15, 2015

President Teddy Roosevelt on Going to Church on Sunday

On Sunday, go to church.  
Yes, I know all the excuses. I know that one can worship the Creator and dedicate oneself to good living in a grove of trees, or by a running brook, or in one's own house, just as well as in church. But I also know as a matter of cold fact the average man does not thus worship or thus dedicate himself. If he strays away from church, he does not spend his time in good works or lofty meditation. He looks over the colored supplement of the newspaper.

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  1. Hello Father,
    Not disagreeing with your quote above, but please look up Teddy's record on eugenics. Sometimes I think we look back on historical figures and give them a halo.
    God Bless,

  2. Dear Father,
    A line from that quote "I know that one can worship the Creator" seemed a little odd to me. 'Creator' is a term usually used by Freemasons, and it can mean anything. A quick search shows that the former president was a Freemason.