Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bishop Coyne's Installation

This past week, I was blessed to be able to spend a few days in Vermont and New York to help send off and support Bishop Christopher Coyne as he formally took over as Bishop of Vermont on Thursday of this week.

I arrived in Burlington on Tuesday evening and my good friend Fr. Meyer's seminary classmate, Fr. Brian Stidt, who ministers in Burlington's neighboring diocese, Ogdensburg, NY.

Fr. Stidt was very gracious in driving us around for a few days, finding rectories for us to stay in and places for us to celebrate Mass.  It was truly a grace to make his acquaintance.

The Mass of installation itself was beautiful.  The choir did a wonderful job, the Church was beautiful, and Bishop Coyne's homily was phenomenal.  You can read Bishop Coyne's homily by clicking HERE and you can watch it below

A cool story from the installation Mass - as the opening hymn was wrapping up and everyone was taking their place, Cardianl O'Malley in the sanctuary along with other bishops there to celebrate the Mass, Bishop Coyne came to each of the 8 of us priests from Indianapolis, shook our hand individually, and said to each of us "thanks for letting me be part of your presbyterate."  He then chose to stand next to the 8 of us, until, in the opening ceremonies of the Mass where a letter is read from Pope Francis, he was called forth to the chair of his new diocese.  It was a very touching gesture, and I think it reflects well how Bishop Coyne felt about his time in Indianapolis.

Keep Bishop Coyne and his new diocese in prayer.

Here are some photos from the trip

wow, it feels like Indiana here

morning Mass at a chapel in New York

Evening Prayer at the Burlington Cathedral

Fathers Marcotte and Meyer moments before the installation Mass

Bishop Coyne's coat of arms on ice

Fr. Pat Beidelman organizing the Archindy photo

Fr. Jonathan Meyer, Fr. Eric Johnson, myself, Fr. Doug Marcotte
Fr. Sonny Day, Bishop Coyne (in an under-inflated hoodie)
Fr. Eric Augenstein, Fr. Rick Ginther,Bishop Paul Etienne
Fr. Pat Beidelman

St. Joseph's in Plattsburgh NY

Morning Mass at St. Peter's

Taking the ferry back across Lake Champlain to fly home

Fr. Meyer getting back to emails

Missed our original flight in DC...which meant
time with my brother Dan, his wife Jacqueline
and Veronica!

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