Friday, September 26, 2014

"We have to make Mass more relevant!!!"

"What people actually want to experience in the Mass is something they DIDN'T create" - Pope Benedict XVI


  1. Absolutely wonderful, Father. I agree. Do you have their contact info? Gotta book'em now! Wondered why the "girls" had hand-held microphones. Of course, they didn't have that fab solo like the guy did. First thought his microphone was a big mole on his left cheek. Anyway, mole nor no, the Church needs more stuff like this! BTW, don't understand the 'comment as' options, so, anonymous, but y'all know me as Fr. Magiera. Oh, and yes, for those who don't know me, this whole comment is not at all serious.

  2. It's like an SNL sketch. Except, not funny.