Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Order the Third Way DVD's and Study Guides!

I'm very happy to announce that "The Third Way" is now available via DVD, and there are also study guides and teacher's edition study guides available as well.

Click HERE to go to the order page

Thanks for all the support that people have given to Blackstone Films for this endeavor!  We fought the good fight, and we have finished the race!


  1. There is one question that the teacher's guide doesn't answer though....or maybe it does, but I doubt it.....and that is "Why doesn't God remove the homosexual orientation from those who beg for him to do that and make them straight." For those people who have begged God to make them straight, and to have that fall on deaf ears from God, I think those people deserve an answer as to WHY. A decent answer. One that makes perfect sense and is completely understandable. Don't you agree Fr. Hollowell?

    1. you mean the same question that people getting ready to be beheaded in Iraq are asking tonight?

      The same question that everyone who experiences any suffering in the world asks?

      Do you want me to answer the question about why there is suffering in the world?

    2. Consider this: it's not a choice, it's not even a problem to be solved. For many gays the suffering ended when they chose to embrace themselves and come out. Many people love gays as they are (and probably God, since he made them).

    3. What's not a choice
      1) being attracted to the same sex or
      2) having sex with someone of the same sex

    4. If sex is not a choice it is rape. Odd retort/question for someone telling others they are forced into celibacy or they will go to hell, even if they are married to someone of they same sex. Is that not your message?

    5. I've never been so confused by comments on this blog before. What are you folks asking?

  2. Boy somebody sure is making a lot of money off the sufferings of gay people.

  3. You forgot about the part where you performed a cyber attack with other priest and clergy on my gay brother

  4. Thank you Fr. Hollowell for this DVD. I just ordered it & the teachers edition to discuss with the teens at my parish. This DVD and the courageous people with there testimony helps explain the natural law and God's love behind it. The truth in love and charity must be shared.
    Garden Grove, Ca

  5. I just ordered the Public Screener DVD to show to our men's group at my parish. Of course, I had a temptation just to order the Private Viewing one and show it to them in order to save $50, but my conscious kicked-in and I knew this would be a violation of the 7th Commandment, lol! Well, no laughing matter, as this would be a mortal sin. But my past experiences have shown me that doing the right thing is always the best option, and I'm glad to give the extra money to a great cause. Keep up the great work Fr. John!!!