Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fortnight Day 6 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Does the Catholic Church want to rule the United States of America?

And here is a video of today's Rosary:

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  1. Father Hollowell, you say the Church acts as advisers but that is not the whole truth. The Church is an active participant in our legislation through their lobbyist and also their pulpit. For example you promoting immigration or Bishop Tobin signing an editorial in promotion of the immigration bill. I may not mind this if I'd see the Bishop write editorials about moral issues. If I saw the USCCB push for moral issues instead of socialist issues or ones where they can get more money.

    You and I may take the bullets on the frontline but our leaders are drinking with the enemy. You and I may talk morals but the USCCB talks socialist/global agenda. Anything for redistribution of wealth is their goal. That is why they pushed for universal healthcare with abortion neutral language or now the immigration bill which is too large and has redistribution of wealth to community organizations like some Catholic organizations. Pope Benedict wrote in First Things article, Europe and its Discontent, "In many respects, deomocratic socialism was and is close to Catholic social doctrine and has in any case made a remarkable contribution to the formation of a social consciousness."

    The Church is like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. It sounds good and can cure your spiritual life while killing our Christian country. Please, there are too many wolves in sheeps clothing. Just found out that Dolan had to remove his subpeona because the archdioces of NY has been paying for abortion and birth control for its union employees. Whatever happened to real evangelization? You know where the Church stands firm in its faith always. Instead, it has favored its businesses over God's truth and so look like hypocrites. In Dolan's honoring Obama at he Al Smith dinner. In Dolan calling Andrew Cuomo a 'Catholic in good standing'. All so Dolan can be an adviser? I think it more so the Church can continue getting the entitlements and gov't grants the democrats vote for!

    Wake up and realize the Church needs reform now. As it stands now the Church has become a business disguised as a Church. The sacraments are still valid but money seems to have come before God.