Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fortnight Day 5 - The Road is Broad that Leads to Destruction


  1. Thank you Father Hollowell

  2. Thank you for your posts, I am so glad we have you on the internet. I attend Mass every Sunday but I am not being nourished like these posts nourish me. I am so tired of lets shake hands before Mass, during Mass etc but never told to say a rosary or pray in adoration!

  3. Thank you Father! I agree with Anonymous, I visit your blog nearly everyday as well as some others, they are very nourishing through the week. I came into the Catholic faith from Lutheranism, as a young girl I would visit the RCC in our town, but wow.. have things changed. It seems like there is a very strong Protestant influence infiltrating the RC churches, at least in our area. I have been attending mass every Sunday but long for the Reverence that our Lord is due. Enough with the hand holding and lifting up our hands, and sometimes even clapping, let just say my Pentacostal parents came to the Easter Vigil and they were very comfortable with the lifting up of the hands and hand holding, heck, our parish even sings part of a Amy Grant song every Sunday like it's part of the Liturgy (although I don't think that the parishoners even know it's Amy Grant) So anyway, thank you.. thank you for giving me somewhere to go. I know it doesn't replace Mass, but it is refreshing.

    1. wonderful post Heather, I am a cradle catholic and long for the meaningful mass again.