Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Brother Reading at the Pre-Conclave Mass


  1. Fr. John,

    What type of clothing is your brother wearing. It doesn't look like typical cassock. And, he did a wonderful job. I get nervous enough just reading in front of church.

    Thank you,

    Aaron Shaw

    1. Aaron, he is wearing the house cassock of his seminary, the North American College. They are sharp, but a little different than a regular cassock.

  2. Nicely done! What a blessing that must have been for him and for your family.

  3. He sounds like you. =) And he did a fantastic job.

    I'd love to talk to your folks to find out what they did to raise such good kids.

  4. How proud your parents must be of their children...they have done their job well and God is watching over each one of you with special blessings. Your brother did a great job...it's not easy being the lector to such a special group.