Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Catholic Church Strikes Back!!!

Why my parish is implementing the Bishops' Five Point Plan to fight back against all those attacking the Church these days.

Get more info and read the Bishops' statement by clicking here 



  1. The Nygra family is on board Father. Even my 10-year-old son, who is only allowed to play video games one night a week during the school week, has volunteered to give that up during the Year of Faith for the cause of life, marriage and religious liberty. Keep up the great work.

  2. This is from Jim Doyle on Facebook:

    This inspirational video resonated a kind-of spontaneous 'punctus-contra-punctum' poetic apolegetical chord with me. Like any melodic instrument, the reeds (of any kind: either stiff & dry with dead-or-dying-roots or lively and subtle with living roots), can only contribute it's own unique color and texture to the wind it receives. The over-arching motion, sway, vibration & pitch is wholly dependent upon the source fount of the ruah or spiritus breath - the Hauptstimme leading Voice in The Wind. The reed must bend to its will no matter how shrill or still it is directed.

    -- I say in return:

    The door to The Ark is being closed in advance of the flood - battle lines are drawn & fixed. There's still a little time - enter by the narrow gateway or be swept away. Like a rising tide against the hull, Satan can only advance so far to claim the debt owed by his own; these same whom frantically struggle to cling to the flotsam and jetsam of his broken illusions. But he can go no further nor follow in the wind frothed wake.

    Those sealed safely "inside" will enjoy the safe fellowship of their brethren and the annealing and enduring sanctification of The Journey toward The Promised Land. Those caught "outside" suckling greedily at the teat of illusion will draw only bitterness and blood -- gnashing their teeth in fear and loathing while railing against each other to their own destruction.

    It is the meek whom inherit the earth - these are not "raptured "away to escape their own glory! Nonsense. No, as in the time of Noah, it is the evil doers whom are swept away in the cleansing deluge to go to 'where the vultures gather'. The "rapture" comes only at the very end at the suspension of time by The Judgement of God - not by violent conquest - rather by authoritative Divine Fiat just as it was In the Beginning. In The Beginning God simply said "Let there be Light" - and it was so. The rapture of the meek refers to rising all of the faithful alive & sleeping from all the generations. These have already drowned their sin of pride in the deluge of baptism. These have no need to to escape their glory! No, these are risen up to escort "The Return of The King" as He descents upon earth to claim His Throne as God's answer to the prayers of the ages. They petitioned God: 'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven' and it shall be granted. New Heaven, New Earth - but only after a just Chastisement and a deep culling of evil - then only after the waning of a new and long abiding Golden Age very soon to come. What God has joined no man can put asunder. Heaven and Earth are betrothed. The dowry has allready been provided and paid from God's on Treasury. We wait only for God to prove and perfect His bride - His Church. She can't fail.

    And on This Rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18)

  3. I am grateful to be on the side of truth, yet my heart breaks for those who are so far from it. As I fast and pray I will offer my sufferings up for them.

  4. Brick-By-Brick, Father.

    by Hod-Carrier

  5. Thank you Father John, I am the National Chairman for Changing Hearts who's goal is to RETURN THE CULTURE TO GOD. We began at St. Michael's parish in Greenfield, IN about 3 years ago. Since our ministry of prayers and fasting has spread to all 50 states and 12 foreign countries. Our special prayer for our country in on a bookmark with our website www.changinghearts.us We like you are uniting Christian to pray and fast for our culture. We have mostly Catholics, but many other Christian in Greenfield and even elsewhere have joined us. We are preparing a project for World Youth Day in Brazil. We want our youth to be educated in our faith. I have spoken with Matt LaMar of your ministry. He looked at our new website which is not up yet.

    Please check us out and if we can be of help to you please contact us. My name is Kay Dodds and you can reach me at 317-496-6045 or changingheartsus@gmail.com. God Bless you.

  6. Very inspiring, dear Father. Keep preaching the way you do. I have to thank you. Thank you for what your doing. And thank you for being such a holy Priest and for defending the truth. May God always bless you. Always be an
    "Alter Christus". :)


  7. God bless you Father. I read the 5 points and I believe there is more we can do. We must hold our leaders accountable. I just wrote to the new Bishop of Indy to alert him regarding St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Churches, Dignity USA chapter. This is a group that promotes homosexuality. They are hosting a discussion in February with Fr. Bob Pierson, who defends same sex marriage. If you look at their website, there are other Catholic churches in the US that host this group also. Yes, we must pray but we also need our leaders to take their responsibility to govern seriously. Others have written previous bishops about this group and were ignored. I expect I'll be ignored also but it still doesn't change the fact that our Church leaders don't do a good job confronting hypocrisy in their own diocese! Thanks again for your strong and clear teaching of our faith. God be with you!