Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Well Said, Mr. President!


  1. He can start by defunding Planned Parenthood. What hyprocisy!

  2. Father, the link on the picture doesn't work. Could you post another one please? Thanks :)

  3. Really, you are going to bring abortion into the Newtown shootings? Abortion has nothing to do with a crazed young man and a gun!

    1. Really, I am going to bring abortion into the Newtown shootings. If it takes a village (the mantra of the left) than the village passes on subconscious messages to individuals - and what is a clearer subconscious message in our society than the idea that young people are disposable and not sacred. 4,000 a day are chopped up in their mothers' wombs, so you have your head buried in the sand if you can't make the connection between the two