Friday, December 21, 2012

Bishops Want Gun Control

So the USCCB has issued a statement through several of its committees, reiterating a call both from the USCCB in the past, and also the Pontifical Council for Peace affirming the need for gun control.  Specifically, the statement asks for:

"3. Call for sensible regulations of handguns
4. Support legislative efforts that seek to protect society from the violence associated with easy access to deadly weapons including assault weapons"

I'm not getting into the issue of gun control here - what I want to do is wonder aloud whether or not we will hear from the liberal media (and liberal catholics) a call to "stay out of politics." 

This issue of gun control is clearly one favored by the left, and so the media is painted into a corner
1) tell the Church to be quiet on this issue because it is a political one, or
2) say the Church has a right to speak up on this particular issue since it is such an important issue it actually transcends politics.

If it is 2), the irony would be that the "libs" would be admitting something exists that, to date, they have said does not exist - namely an issue that transcends politics and thus is something the Church can comment on.


  1. I like and agree. Would you though comment on the issue of gun control?

  2. I am sorry... I don't quite get why the bishops would issue this statement. For the love of Pete! The issue is way larger than that!

  3. What is frustrating to me is that this (the issue of gun regulation) is mostly a problem for immoral societies.

    Hyper-regulation is the product of an immoral society.

    In a moral society, gun control is not needed because guns are not a threat in the hands of moral people.

    If one looks for the root of the issue it can be found where immorality was bred. Who is responsible for that?

    Ron G.

    1. As the 300# cigar-chomping Chesterton said: • "When you break the big laws, you do not get freedom; you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws." - Daily News, 7/29/05

    2. Dear "Anonymous"..a.k.a., Ron G. ;)
      I agree!!!
      And don't it make ya mad?!?!?

      "Anonymous"...(a.k.a., Dennis Michael Mazerolle)

  4. I'm not getting into the issue of gun control here - what I want to do is wonder aloud whether or not we will hear from the liberal media (and liberal catholics) a call to "stay out of politics."

    Indeed. "Stay out of peoples bedrooms!...err...unless they have a Glock under the pillow..."

  5. This is a subject the bishops did not need to comment on at all. I am getting so frustrated with the liberal side of the church, thank you Father speaking out for so many of us. I know the press will front page the Bishops comments, I wish the Bishops would comment stronger on the fact that millions of babies, innocent children, are killed by abortion each year.

  6. The media is fine with the bishops liberal stance and will either promote it or say nothing. They made sure Catholic Health Assoc. was promoted pushing Obamacare and the bishops also. The media showed pictures of the nun with Stupek and other congressmen. The bishops were so in favor of Obamacare they begged for it in Nancy Pelosi's office with 'abortion neutral' language. Their push for the START Treaty, the DREAM Act, and silence on repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell was not promoted because they weren't needed. The USCCB promoting gun control is further evidence of their naivete. Guns and nukes can also be used to stop evil. Liberals only see guns and nukes as killing people but they also are the greatest deterent of evil. There hasn't been any world wars precisely because there are nukes in the hands of civilized nations. This however may change, as evil men are racing towards nuclear ability with no one stopping them. Until bishops stop being politicians and businessmen and start doing their job with respect to the transformation of souls, our world will continue to spin out of control. Bishops have been sin neutral while they stress feeding the poor, where they get the most money from gov't, business and our tithe without stressing the virtues. Jesus himself said, "The poor you will always have with you." He also said, "You don't work, you don't eat." How many businesses have soup kitchens harmed or how many doctors have stopped practicing because free medical and gov't regulations make it less profitable and less enjoyable? Bishops have not spoken out regarding sin and so few recognize the consequences for sin. So it's not surprising they make vapid statements on gun control and the media will use them like pawns. Meanwhile, how many pulpits remain silent? The pulpit is their strength and too many are scared to use it.

  7. IF our government is able to take our guns the Bishops will be one of the first ones the government goes after they better rethink it

  8. This is my blog series on the right and duty of firearm ownership and training: Defending Your Family.