Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Latin Mass comes to Brazil

At Annunciation Catholic Church in Brazil, Indiana, we have begun celebrating the Mass in Latin once a week on Tuesday evenings at 5:30.

That sentence sets off more ecclesiastical alarms and earthquakes than just about anything else a priest could say.

I want to first of all address all the fears and concerns people not from our parish have about this

Also, lots of people are intimidated by the prayers that are recited because most people obviously have never used any Latin before.  This is a practice video that allows for an easy way for people to practice the prayers and responses from the comfort and security of their own home.  It's embarrassment-free!  Besides, people are welcome at the Mass even if you simply want to observe for a while and pray with us.  You are still MOST welcome to come to Mass even if you plan to silently observe at Mass!

Finally, here is our second Latin Mass that was celebrated just last evening.  Some had requested that we videotape the Mass so that parishioners and family and friends who are currently out of town could still take part in some way.

We've had a great turnout so far - we probably have two or three times the number of regular daily Mass attendees who come out for the Mass in Latin.  We'd love to have you join us if you are able.

God bless!
Fr. John Hollowell


  1. Father,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found out from Father Z's blog that you are now offering the Latin Mass weekly. My mother (a Protestant) lives in Brazil. Coming to visit her will be all the more joyful. My children and I have attended Annunciation whenever we have been in town. Now we will look forward to it even more.

    Once again, Father, a heartfelt thank you!


    1. Stop by and visit the next time you are in town! Thanks for your comment!

  2. awesome Father, I wish I was closer and could attend! The people of the area are blessed

  3. Father, this is terrific news; we are just down the road in Terre Haute, and we'll stop by.

  4. Father,

    Mr. Ignatius Wilson told me you are interested in the possibility of starting a schola for the TLM. Please contact me. I would love to be involved in helping start up a choir for Brazil. God bless you!

    Tim Fox
    Choir Director, Una Voce Lafayette

  5. Father,
    I am a life-long New York resident (Long Island) and have either exclusively attended the Ukrainian rite or the Latin Mass for years now. I wish I could have a group of parishioners get together to ask our local parish for a Latin Mass, but I know that won't happen in my lifetime. The entire diocese is run by firmly entrenched "progressive" forces. However, your decision to offer the Latin Mass gives me hope (although we both know that dialog masses were not the Traditional Roman rite prior to Vatican Council II, but it's a start) and I hope, as the Ukrainians say, that God rewards you with choicest blessings.

  6. Why would you teach and commit such a horrible act of sacrilege with your Easter Harlem Shake? Why do you persecute Jesus? I hope and pray this is out of ignorance to the true Catholic Faith. It is better to never have been born than to scandalize one of our lord's children...

    My tears and prayers,

    1. God forbid a priest simulate the sprinkling rite on the steps of the Church with...gasp...modern electronic noises in the background.

      Fight the real battles and worry about the things that the Church actually teaches to be sacrilege as opposed to complaining about things that you just happen to not personally like.

  7. This is wonderful to have a TLM on a weekly basis. I wish you could expand your schedule to include Sundays. I have a child at Gibault in Terre Haute who desperately needs the Sacraments and is only allowed passes on weekends. Keep up your Glorious works.