Friday, November 23, 2012

New Wine in Old Wineskins???

What we're doing right now isn't working...the window is closing on our opportunity to actually explain our key teachings to people compassionately and beautifully.  Join us and contribute to our project by clicking HERE.


  1. Looks like thety could use a big bowl of 'Chili & Church Documents".

  2. Father Hollowell, Does your project talk about the Courage and EnCourage groups that minister to those with same sex attraction and Encourage for friends and Family members? Do you intend to cover how there are 'wolves in sheeps clothing" ministries that portray themselves as 'catholic" and yet push for so called same sex marriage and acceptance of sexually active homosexual lifestyle to be accepted by the Catholic church ? As a parent of an adult child living in same sex relationship I turned to the Church deep in my pain, searching for answers. When I found the group 'fortunate families" after several years I thought this was the answer. It was so 'anti- Catholic" in the one meeting I attended I cried in my car afterwards. At the Encourage meeting I was able to attend, and the Courage/Encourage national conference , instead I found fellow Catholics , some having left behind the active gay lifestyle and instead with the support of others striving to lead chaste lives, growing in faith and love for our Lord.
    I met parents like myself. wounded parents, who like myself feel so much like this must be our fault, that we failed to raise our children right somehow. This group of parents, priests, have really shown me what it is to love and be loved. To pray for our children, and to help each other grow in our spiritual life . Courage and Encourage priests are some of the most caring priests I have ever met. People need to hear about these groups.
    I went for too many years never even knowing this ministry existed as I am in an Archdiocese ( in California- we had former cardinal Mahoney who gave his blessing to these anti-catholic gay ministrys who still are advertised in my local parish bulletins .)
    Thank you for doing this wonderful project , so many - especially young adults, and teens do not understand. they see the Church teaching on homosexuality as being anti- love.
    the Church teaching on sexuality is out of true Love.
    thank you.

    1. certainly we plan to mention the work of Courage and Encourage. Thanks for your testimony!

    2. Elizabeth, I have experienced much of what you have experienced. It is an excruciatingly difficult position to be in. Fortunately for us, we found Courage/EnCourage before falling into the hands of a diocesan so-called "ministry" that is not so different than Fortunate Families. Courage/EncCourage is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life, the Church at Her finest, Jesus Christ Himself loving His people through the sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist, the Truth, and the pastoral care of the best priests in the world.

      Fr. Hollowell, I am very glad to hear that you will be mentioning Courage/EnCourage. In fact, I hope you talk to their leadership. I'm certain they'd be eager to talk to you about your work and hear more about it.

    3. Father Hollowell, I too am so happy you will mention Courage/EnCourage. They have been a safe place for me as a parent to turn to. And to those with same sex attractions Courage is there with Love . true love that wants eternal life for the person, but welcomes them in where they are. Yet does encourage chastity.
      Especially we parents feel like we have to either join PFLAG/Fortunate Families/.Dignity or some other group that affirms the lifestyle. Otherwise , we are told by these groups that we are not being "loving", accepting. I finally knew in my heart that it is BECAUSE I love my child that I do not affirm the gay life.
      She is more than a gay person. in fact she is a woman created in the image and likeness of God and as I told her she is made for so much more than that " gay" label alllows.
      why would we as parents affirm it if our child was living in adultery, or any other type of sexual sin?
      Hope Your project gets funded. I did send a donation

  3. Notice the sign she holds in the picture is a lie. The homosexual movement is all about coerced acceptance. We've seen this in the Brook Brothers incident, the Lisa Miller case, the Shawano High School kerfuffle, etc. It's a zero-sum game. For homosexualists to win, Christians must lose.

    1. Well then Scott, I would suggest that you donate the rest of the money that is needed for Father's documentary. That way it can be shown to others and they will know exactly what the church has to say about homosexuals. Then you will see a dramatic drop in homosexual persons wanting to get married or even be in a relationship. So, what that means is, you will come out smelling like a rose with all the heterosexual Christians, as you will all be winners!

    2. I would say the goal is not for heterosexual Christians to come out smelling like a rose. If fact, I'd say the goal of the video is not even to cause a drop in either homosexual acts or same-sex couple trying to get married. Rather it is to get the truth out. My comment was merely to illustrate one of the biggest problems in getting that truth out: the message is obscured by noise about "rights" when if fact the instances I cited (which are merely the tip of the iceberg) demonstrate that they demand acceptance (read full-throated approval) by coercion if necessary. Even otherwise good Catholics make this mistake.

      But I take your point about contributing. I've plugged it on my own blog and will try to make a modest donation.