Monday, October 15, 2012

Bishops Call Biden a Liar

Okay, so they said Biden said things that weren't factual, which is what a liar does.

VP Biden repeated the same song and dance that the Obama administration has continued to put out since getting hammered on religious liberty.  In his debate with VP Candidate Paul Ryan, Biden reiterated that "no Catholic institution "has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. That is a fact. That is a fact."

Within hours of the debate, the USCCB responded by posting a clarifying statement on the lie.  Click here to read the USCCB's concise and matter-of-fact statement.

We need more of this from the Bishops of the U.S., and I hope we see more things like this in the future!

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  1. Cardinal Dolan:

    "We’ve got two men who - and you can disagree with one of them or both of them - say they take their faith seriously, who don’t try to hide it, and who say, ‘Hey, my Catholic upbringing and my Catholic formation influences the way I think.’ Not bad. Not bad."