Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New "Lincoln" Film

The last line from the trailer for the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie "Lincoln"

"This settles the fate for all coming time...not only of the millions now in bondage...but of unborn millions to come...shall we stop this bleeding?"

This looks like a beast of a film, and I think it stars about 400 actors and actresses who have been nominated for an Oscar at some point.  Daniel Day Lewis is known for only taking a role every three or four years because he immerses himself so deeply into his character.  This should be quite the film!

Also, with the long-noted link between the Civil Rights Movement and the Pro-Life Movement, I think this will be an especially important film for our country to see.


  1. Looks great. I only wonder if it will be able to top the greatest Civil War movie of all time...Glory.

  2. Actually, the best Civil War movies are done by foreigners like the Taiwanese director of Ride with the Devil, and Leone's The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. When Americans do them, they tend to either overload the Civil War with sentimentalist bombast like Gettysburg and its prequels, or project modern sensibilities like in Glory again, with bombast.

  3. Gracious!! How have I not known of your wonderful blog?? I'll return soon to read it in depth. Pressing tasks at hand, but I want to return soon.

    You read Walker Percy??!! And Flannery too, I'll bet? Marion Montgomery? Wendell Berry? Do you read James V.Schall, S. J.?

    I've seen few Civil War movies--but do read Shelby Foote. Full disclosure: I am a Southerner, and still champion State's Rights. Few examinations of the Civil War accurately portray that motive for the conflict. Perhaps had we preserved State's Rights we would not today be strangled today by an enormous, rapacious federal government. I am persuaded that State's Rights is s better political model for subsidiarity than the bloated system with which we are now saddled.

    Ah, see? Get a Southerner going and it is difficult to turn them off!

    Keep the faith!
    MJ Anderson

  4. I only wish that presidents today could live up to the model that Lincoln showed this nation.