Thursday, September 13, 2012

Muslim Violence and the "Neo-Colonialist Anti-Neo Colonialists"

So President Obama (and many of his ivy league cohort) seem to despise what they refer to as "neo-colonialism."  During the colonial period there was an overt domination of the countries that were colonized by European powers like Spain and England.  Countries in Africa and South America, colonized by England and Spain, were brought to their knees as often their countries were mined for natural resources, the natives often being coerced into having to work as quasi-slave labor. 

In the Colonial Period, then, European powers forced their way of living onto other countries through a damaging colonization.

The "Neo-Colonial" (meaning new colonial) Period, then, has been going on for at least several decades.  While countries are pulling out of directly occupying other countries, "neo-colonialism" is the sometimes indirect imposition of our Western beliefs on other countries.  The way we accomplish this oppression as "neo-colonialists" is through media (our movies/songs/TV that everyone in other countries craves), through using our wealth to exploit other countries and peoples, and sometimes even through war when a country has something we really want, like oil.

So, I was watching a movie called "Demographic Winter" which chronicles the now well-known policy of both President Clinton and Obama, that of tying our foreign aid to most third world countries to contraception programs.

In short, we tell other countries, especially poor ones, "We aren't giving you a dime unless your country starts implementing contraceptive procedures for your people."  The brutal, racist, and Aryan thought here being "if we get these inferior poor people to stop breeding, poverty will go away."  This practice, although more Americans are aware of it, still continues to this day. 

In the "Demographic Winter" movie, one of the Africans interviewed described this disgusting procedure of tying foreign aid to contraception as a "new colonialism" - the forcing of our contraceptive culture on to people who want nothing to do with it.

So...many of our liberal leaders go around lamenting the "new colonialism" that America has been engaging in, but they don't recognize how "colonialistic" their own "contraception for food" program is. 

A little known fact, Muslims have very similar teachings to the Catholic Church on contraception...but, unlike Catholics, Muslims actually put their ban of contraception into practice.  So while we continue to assume that Muslims hate us because of our risque television shows, Snoop Dogg's music, and because of the stuff coming out of Hollywood, maybe they also hate us because we have the disgusting arrogance right now to go to their poorer brothers and sisters and tell them "we won't give you food or aid unless you all start wearing rubbers and taking the pill."

In no way am I excusing the unspeakable tragedies that have occurred this week (or ever) whereby Muslims have attacked the Christian West; all I'm saying is if we want to get to the heart of why they hate us, perhaps we should quit blaming Eminem and start looking at how disgustingly offensive, arrogant, racist and colonialist our current foreign aid policy is.


  1. The long tenticles of contraception/population control: Three years ago I visited this remote dirt runway, elevation 7000 ft in Matekane, Lesotho. no roads in the area, the 10's of thousands of africans in the area travel by foot, or horseback. the clinic by the runway had a large corral with maybe a hundred horses and donkeys in it. most were there for aids treatment.

    A missionary/ humanitarian pilot who flies into this runway weekly told me this story about medical aid in Lesotho.
    Several weeks before I arrived a 14 year old girl had been severely beaten and raped. He flew her to the public state run hospital in Maseru. when he flew her home several weeks later, she told him the hospital sterilized her against her and her mothers wishes saying it was new policy. it seems a lot of funding was coming from a charity called clinton global initiative.
    Needless to say the seven christian pilots in this area now take their patients to a private catholic hospital in Maseru.

  2. The arrogance of progressives occasionally proves amusing however. There was a campaign by those looking to push contraception in Africa and included a poster that showed a man with many children living in a tiny shack. Next to it was a man with few children in a big house. How did the natives interpret it? Living in a big house makes you impotent. :)