Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Assumption? Where's that in the Bible?


  1. If it is not in the bible I don't believe it should be a doctrine or dogma. This is just my personal opinion though.

    1. If you use the Bible as justification for dogma then you have to kick out the trinity as dogma. almost all christians including protestants who believe in the bible alone accept the trinity as dogma, eventhough its not explicitly in there.
      anyway we know Mary is reigning in heaven because Revelation 12 tells us so. John starts descibing Mary at the end of chapter 11 when he calls her the ark, which luke chapter 1 alludes to as it recalls 2 samuel 6.

    2. The rule "If it is not in the bible I don't believe it should be a doctrine or dogma" is not in the Bible.

  2. Here's an old joke. Whose buried in grants tomb? If you answered President Grant your almost right, a more correct answer is Mr and Mrs Grant. My point is skeptics don't have to go all the way back to apostolic tradition to find events to be skeptical about. skeptics could ask the same question is there really any proof theres a body in there and if its really grants.(by wives tales you would expect his body to be preserved because of alcohol). in 500 years will there really be any proof.
    we believe these articles of faith because they are related to us by the same people who pass on the rest of our faith, the Bishops, the magisterium, the Councils,church fathers.