Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Great Quotes from My Flights Home

1.  (Lady over the PA at the airport): "We have no need for any volunteers to remain behind.  The captain has been creative with the weight restrictions."

That is the kind of creativity I NEVER want to be a part of.

2.  (to set the scene we have a frat guy talking to a sorority girl he had met on his flight, and both are now waiting for a taxi): sorority girl - "do you all have a formal?"

Frat guy: "In the Fall we have a casual formal."  I really wanted to butt in and ask "Does your frat have any short long meetings or do you have delicious disgusting food at your frat?"

3.  Frat guy: "Also, every year we have a retreat..."

(now I'm think to myself: "that's nice, probably not the type of retreat I'd opt for, but at least they're doing something positive")

Frat guy continues: "the retreat is really just us getting together for a weekend and getting smashed!"


  1. Welcome back!
    I'll bet there are choice quotes at home too!

  2. ...and they lived happily ever after :)