Friday, August 12, 2011

Interesting Take on the Riots from a Fr. Finnigan, Priest in Southern London

Via Fr. Z's blog at

Fr. Finnigan notes:

"Few people have noted the irony of the appeals by the Police to parents to “contact their children.” For several decades our country has undermined marriage, the family, and the rights of parents. Agents of the state can teach your children how to have sex, give them condoms, put them on the pill, give them the morning-after pill if it doesn’t work, and take them off for an abortion if that doesn’t work – and all without you having any say in the matter or necessarily even knowing about it. Now all of a sudden, we want parents to step in and tell their teenage children how to behave."


  1. Brilliant observation! Sometimes the chickens really do come home to roost.

  2. Cant't resist a little Catholic reactionay narrative-spinning. Back in the day, Henry VIII et al conveniently discovered the right to rebellion against the Church. In a fit of poetic justice 200-odd years later, the brood of English low-church malcontents in America conveniently discovered a right to rebellion against kings. Today we are faced with a bunch of malcontents rebelling against the only things left: basic law & order, virtue and goodness itself. If I were the the Prince of Darkness, I'd say everything was falling into place.

  3. I heard this Homily a few weeks ago and I think this applies to the current situation perfectly.

  4. Back to the same old all begins with contraception. Introduce the pill, man loses respect for woman (you were right on Pope Paul VI). Woman gets pregnant, man exits from the relationship. No father (who knows how to be a father), no effective discipline that comes from a father and mother working together to instill discipline and moral values. Result...riotous teenagers. Hey, fellow dads, YouCat looks to be a great tool for helping us to teach our young teenage children true sexuality, including a discussion of why contraception is harmful. Once again, Holy Mother Church provides when we need it.