Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homily to Catholic School Teachers - Will There Be Catholic Schools in 30 Years?

Homily to our teachers at Cardinal Ritter before the start of the school year.


  1. Lack of resources? Seems like an "On Staff" Teacher (Priest) would be easier on the Budget, (one less salaried Lay person to pay for) Perhaps the Good Father stepped on a few toes? Sounds like the Bishop got a few calls on controversial classes, LOL Who Knows, LOL I grew up close to the Church, I saw lots! Examples? a Deacon who became a Priest, shortly after? HE married a Parishioner, after she left her husband, (Only a priest for a month) Another who Became a Priest and moved out West, (OFM) HE Performed a marriage between a former Religious Brother, and His Gay Lover, in His Parish Church, (Yup, True) a Formal, Catholic Wedding between two men. receiving the Sacraments of the Church.. And?? My former Pastor who was caught in a molestation case, He retired, and disappeared. His Sermons were always pretty clear on us being Good Catholics LOL There is more...Oh, so much more.. and? all true, and all witnessed..
    I'm Pretty much turned off by the Church as You can imagine.
    (I stop in Daily , to the empty church and say my daily Rosary, one on one)

    I was told about your Blog. I thought I would check it out.

    Seems YOU made a few Waves, and Stirred the ....Ummmm Mud..yeah, there ya go... LOL

    You are new and Full of it.. LOL (J/K) Opinions and Teachings....

    I Just wonder........

    Will You be the next Archbishop one day?

    or Will You Fall like the others???

    (They too Preached a Good Sermon? But fell along the way)??????

    You are Young, and good looking, and are around the Temptations of the world...

    I wonder what way you will go...

    I like these Blogs where you can sit behind the scenes and watch..

    Are you the real deal? we will wait and see!

    I'll say a few Prayers for you too!
    and I'll Keep reading your Blog!

    and wait and see....

    1. I am Rev.Fr.Anthony Marcus Fernando from Sri Lanka. I am 40 years. As I read your comment it made me cry. We never wash our dirty clothes in front of others. Yes Church is sinful and Holy. Because Christ is the head of the Church and we are his body. Father John Hollowell had done his best. Yes we are priest with limitations. It does not mean we can be scandalous. Be positive in your thinking. Remember you are the Church Anon. So you have a lot to contribute. What have you done for the Church in the moment of crisis? Do not try to attain only your salvation. Look at Jesus he saved humankind irrespective of differences. And at the same time Jesus had 12 apostles and one of them betrayed him. Jesus is the Son of God but he gave enough freedom to his apostles.Because of Judas Church did not collapse but continue to grow.
      Word to Father John. Do not be carried away by empty words. continue to do your good works. antonm.sss@gmail.com

  2. Anon - I think anyone who would write "LOL" after the types of things you describe needs some serious help.

    You are absolutely entitled to your conjectures, but I can assure you that the decision was quite simple - the archdiocese needs pastors of parishes, and they're going to need me to be a pastor sooner than later, and I can't get experience on how to run a parish while teaching all day. Also, as I noted in my homily - no priest will be teaching in schools for the foreseeable future, not just me - but again, you are entitled to your theories.

    I will be doing a lot of "guest-lecturing" and so forth at Ritter still on the days where I'm there, so I should still have stuff to post.

  3. Anon,
    As a mother of a CRHS student we will miss Father teaching our children daily. Most of all we will miss the time he gets to spend with our students, teaching by his great example the faith he loves so much.
    Thank you Father Hollowell for all you do!

    In Christ,
    Angela Kaiser

  4. Father is always welcome in my classroom, and any other would be blessed to have him as well.