Sunday, April 3, 2011

"When In Rome" - Homily for Laetare Sunday

I was able to do a lot in Rome, but it was something unexpected that I will remember most

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  1. Hi Fr. Hollowell,
    Found your blog via The Deacon's Bench. God love you. My husband is about to begin diaconate formation. It wasn't our idea; it came to us. As my husband says, "I could spend a lifetime trying to be more worthy of the pew, let alone the cup." We're not worthy and I guess that's the best starting point for any endeavor. Recently, I have considered my husband's commitment (to the bishop), and my necessary support of it, to be likened to trying to get to the eye of a tornado. You know it's calm at the core but, dear God, help us get there! Under the collar of every good priest I know I see a bull's eye. It seems logical to ask, "Do I really want my husband taking a vow to support and cooperate with the cardinal and his priests for the rest of his natural about we just play golf as we age?" (For context: we live in Philadelphia) Then I see priests like you, doing what you are...putting your neck out and prayfully accepting that your head could come off! Again, God love you for it. I love Jesus and I love His Church. Thank you for your vocation. Your commitment to your vocation and faithful execution of the charge will support my vocation as wife. (I've added your blog to my favorites) There is so much crap on the internet; how great to know the Holy Spirit's got it covered!