Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Wish Mass Were More Entertaining!

The Mass as done by "Call to Action" - Catholic liberal wackos - demonstrating what Mass looks like if we make it in to what we want it to be instead of celebrating the Mass as the Church hands it down.

This was another video that me and my brothers watched a few Christmas Eve's ago and couldn't stop laughing for about 20 minutes. It is sad, but when you realize it probably isn't even a valid Mass anyway, that makes it better.


  1. I have been looking for this video since we watched this. Classic.

    Aaron Hollowell

  2. What's sad is that it slightly reminds me of Mass this past weekend at St. Lawrence on Indy's east side.

    Some lady was allowed to act out the woman at the well gospel as part of the homily.


  3. Ha! I just watched a Michael Voris video exposing clips of this movie.

    So sad. It's hard to believe people -- or so called "Catholics" would treat our Lord in such a way. Have they no respect? So goes the Church, so goes society. That's why I love the Latin mass. Becuase God is always treated like God.

    “If some non-believer arrived [at Mass at the time of Holy Communion]and observed such an act of adoration, perhaps he, too, would fall down and worship God, declaring, ‘God is really in your midst.’” ~ Bishop Schneider

    God Bless you, Father!

  4. Geeeezzzzz. Doesn't the church have enough to worry about without constantly pointing out that its own members are not "catholic enough?"
    It's so old already. The underlying sarcastic tone of some of these posts seems pointedly obvious.
    Does the church or the diocese truly support your blatant mockery? And let's be frank- that is what you are doing. Priest or not.

  5. Most of what the Church has to worry about is due in large part to the stuff like this that is going on and went on in the 70's and 80's - how we worship is indicative of our interior spiritual reality. Don't worry, reform is coming. You'll notice everyone in the video is 60+ years old.

    This is a quote from Pope Benedict - "To an increasing degree people are seeing through the banality and the childish rationalism of the pathetic home-made liturgies with their artificial theatrics; it is becoming obvious how trivial they are." - I'd say the Pope supports my pointing out things like this "Mass." And my mockery is not an underlying tone; it is right on the surface and is the whole point of the post in the first place.

  6. Geeeezzzzz. Doesn't the church have enough to worry about without constantly pointing out that its own members are not "catholic enough?"

    It's never just about bad liturgy (and I notice you are not disputing that it's bad). Rather, it is the smoke that indicates fire. Ask the participants above if they affirm transubstantiation; that abortion, contraception, and homosexual acts are intrinsicly and gravely sinful; that the Church has no authority to ordain women--and more often than not, you will get crickets chirping (or alot of humming and hawing). No, it's not wondering if people are Catholic enough--it is asking people to be Catholic at all.

  7. The only thing missing from the puppet paddle hands are a string and a rubber ball.

    Was that enormous bread used for "communion" a pancake from Charlie Browns in Speedway?

  8. Well on one hand you write about civil discourse and on the other you want to begin your post by name calling. I get it- the giant puppets are a bit much.

    What's the explanation for calling names? I guess I am not willing to make that leap of faith.

    Reform is coming you say? So we are either with you or against you?

    I disagree with you, but I don't call you names.

  9. @romishgraffiti ---- life is all about concessions and compromise. And I am a true believer that the only constant in life is change. Good. Bad. Whatever.

  10. @romishgraffiti ---- life is all about concessions and compromise.

    Many things are but not all. No one should compromise on the prohibition on deliberately killing innocent people for instance.

    And I am a true believer that the only constant in life is change. Good. Bad. Whatever.

    Ok, let's say hypothetically that the Pope decrees that all Masses will be in Latin, the alter is returned ad orientem, and female alter servers are banned. Would you maintain your "Good, Bad, Whatever" position? If you say you would be just fine with the above, good for you and go in peace. If you would howl protests, then you are being dishonest in telling others to suck it up and tolerate the lousy liturgy.

  11. Well first of all there is no use of Precious metals,the altar boy is not dressed correctly, and the priest has on a striped dress shirt under his chausable

  12. I agree with your assesment anon9:12, but mildly dispute that it is "first of all". First of all are the outrageous 8-foot puppets that look they are on loan from a low-budget horror flick and the woman prancing about like a wood fairy.

    But we should not be afraid. Note the common feature of the congregation--this ain't a growth movement.

  13. Father H, Ur spot on.

  14. One thing has to be made clear here. The mass is where the Living God comes to meet man and allow Himself to be consumed and joined to His creation. The example Father gave here clearly does not articulate this in a solemn and reverent way. If fact, it is an absolute disgrace and slap in the face to our Lord.

    We must focus our liturgies towards the truths they proclaim and follow the norms and regulations laid out by our hierarchy who has the function of protecting these sacraments. Maybe "wackos" isn't politically correct, but seeing people continuing to do things like this can elicit even worse words than that.

    At the same time I'd like the address the comment about how in Latin masses Christ is always reverenced. Too often I've been with groups who do not reverence Christ with their liturgies, but seem to reverence the liturgy itself. I love the Church's tradition and have studied it greatly, but making a mass a certain way based off personal preference can go both ways. All things must be intentional for the praise and glory of Christ.

  15. Father, I occasionally drop in and read your blog, but after rereading a few posts, and especially this one, I wish to voice my small opinion.

    Though on a substantial level in this post, I completely agree with you. The type of liturgy, the execution, the props, and the level of solemnity are not a proper form for the celebration of the Mass, but more akin to a Protestant youth worship service. On that note, I would like to suggest perhaps more discretion and charitability on your part in, at the very least, the way things are phrased publically.

    As many comments have already brought up, there is an inherent problem in you referring to this group as "wackos". I myself am also diametrically opposed to the teachings and experiences this group offers, but must warn you at what could be lost at the use of such language in describing them. The use of derogatory terms, in any sense, of those who disagree with, believe confused, and at the very core of our faith and being wish to convert in a loving way to both Truth and Beauty.

    The use of such words as "wacko" or phrases about "laughing until we cried" which I believe was used in reference to your post about the "Popes" a while back create such a negative of you, and therefore, of young priests as a whole. Though these are your personal beliefs about these individuals, and I know there are those who sympathize (I myself believe them to be incorrect), but also those who would laugh along with you and so, I ask you, to please, reconsider these actions/thoughts, at the very least when you post here. My main argument for this, is that such derogatory language immediately creates hostility, and "Us vs. Them", "We" are better than "They" attitude, which only separates these wayward brethren from us. They read these things, hear these remarks, and turn away from the true Church teachings because of the actions of those within her fold. True charity would not be using these words, phrases, or mockery, yet, would be an acknowledgment of what is wrong, a presentation of evidence for it, a loving call to reform and an open heart. Any words of deconstruction such as “crazy/wacko” only tear down the person, and do not respect the dignity that these individuals have. They do not acknowledge them as a lost sheep, but mock them, as an evil one does to his enemy. Similarly, this group might be a “dying breed”, sure, I agree with that, but that does not mean that we wish them to stop their actions and reform any less. The argument that “that whole group will die off soon enough” by us, the younger generation of far more conservative Catholics, is simply not good enough. It seeks not for their sainthood, but looks at them as a problem that will soon be eradicated by time.

    I do not seek for a repression of truth here Father, nor do I wish to make this an attack against your character. I have always enjoyed and been happy for your priesthood, thought you one of the best hopes for our diocese, and share your love for correct/beautiful/solemnly reverent liturgy and well as my home parish. I thank you for what you courageously post, which is often what this world does not wish to hear, but I fervently ask you to rethink how you present yourself, young priests, and our Church to those who would disagree with you. Do not present yourself as a child with such mocking words – for, would a mother allow one child to say things about another as you have? No, I don’t believe so, and so, similarly, the Church cannot allow it of her faithful children. I know that I as well don’t always rise above the use of derogatory language, but perhaps with this post, I can improve as well.

  16. Thanks for the comments - I too have been around some who would reverence the Liturgy itself over our Lord - something to be monitored constantly by all those who are of a more conservative nature.

    To those who are upset about "wackos" - come on people. Do you want honesty or do you want completely neutered and watered down language that never offends anyone? If we are going to have civil discourse "aggressive-aggressive" is way better than "passive-aggressive." I'd rather hear someone say, "I think you are nuts, but let's talk" than "well, uhm, I read what you said, and... there's some good stuff in there and... well... we all love each other...but some of the stuff you say is... should I put it... a little difficult to hear..."

    STOP! I once heard Fr. Corappi say that he realized that there just isn't the time to "nuance" everything and that if we're really trying to further the Kingdom then we just have to call a spade a spade. I wish more people would just say what is on their heart. I love the Italians (just got back from Italy) they are so emotionally involved in their conversations and disagreements, and they are so passionate and animated and frank, but their disagreements don't go on for days and there is often no festering resentment because they were honest with each other and open, and when they are done disagreeing, they love each other.

    I wasn't saying it as a flippant comment - I really think those people are "wackos" - as in I think it is way more than just an issue of "liturgical style." I think these people need some Chutzpah and they need to just leave the Church until they are ready to play by Her rules - and I think the best thing for them is to have people say "you are nuts." I'm pretty sure they aren't real interested in a calm presentation from me whereby I cite passages from the GIRM, Catechism, or the Vatican.

    Ms. Flannery O'Connor - PRAY FOR US!!

  17. veiled - I just realized for some reason your comment was automatically spammed by blogger - sorry about that - I certainly didn't do it my self.

    As regards your comment, I respect your opinion, but I would also say that, as I've gotten more familiar with the fathers of the Church, "wackos" is, I believe, not an angrier word but a more restrained word than most of the fathers of the Church would have gone with.