Friday, February 18, 2011

Pro-(rushed and uninformed) Choice

The pro-life wheels are turning in Indiana as the legislative branch has produced some fantastic legislation and it looks like it has a lot of momentum right now. Planned Parenthood is on the defensive, as evidenced by the Indystar's piece this morning (could we get some objective reporting in the Star just once? The author, Heather Gillis, seemed to be auditioning for a role as a Planned Parenthood brochure writer).

The irony of the article is that Planned Parenthood of Indiana is upset about the fact that the legislation HELPS women make their CHOICE. The legislation requires that women get to see an ultrasound of their child. The only type of person who could possibly be upset about a woman getting to see an ultrasound of her child would be someone TRYING TO GET A WOMEN TO HAVE AN ABORTION. The bill also would require women to be notified that the child feels pain when getting an abortion (are scientists really still trying to figure out if that is true or not?). The bill looks to also require that women be told that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.

On the issue of abortion causing a dramatic rise in the risk of contracting breast cancer, Planned Parenthood doesn't reveal their true intentions, they make the accusation that this is "unproven science." If PP really loved women, though, wouldn't you think they'd at least be curious if there was a link? Instead they try and say it is "unproven" at every turn. Really, then, what Planned Parenthood is about, which any insider in the industry will tell you, is funneling women to getting abortions. PP loves to tout statistics about how much "good" they do, and that abortions are only a small percentage of their work. What everyone knows, however, is that abortions are the only part of Planned Parenthood that MAKES money. So PP masquerades as the knight in shining armor for women when in reality it is trying to funnel them to get abortions so that PP can stay solvent. Also, their plan of "decreasing unwanted pregnancies" which involves something just short of raining contraceptives down on our society, actually causes abortion rates to skyrocket, as we've discussed before.

Back to the whole breast cancer-abortion link for just a moment. I'm not a biologist, but lets think about this for a minute. A woman's body begins to prepare for a child from the very moment of conception (that is proven science). Part of that change is a woman's breasts, which begin to prepare for nursing the child. When a child dies through miscarriage, the body is aware of it, makes the hormonal adjustments and "gets the word out" to the rest of the body. The body of the mother adapts to the loss of the child and, over time, returns to normal. However, there is no hormonal system which tells the rest of the body that "hey, a doctor just forced open the uteran muscles, inserted a suction tube, and sucked up the baby that was growing inside me, so it is time to adjust to the loss." The body doesn't know what has happened because everything about abortion is against nature, and so it makes sense to me that cells in the mother's breasts might not "reabsorb" properly back into the body, and cells that are out of place and not functioning as they should seems quite naturally to raise the risk of cancer.

Then again, Planned Parenthood is out there fighting for women everyday, and if this link were ever proved true, I'm sure they'd shut down their abortion industry on the spot!

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