Monday, February 14, 2011

The Book I Wrote

For four years, while in the seminary, I wrote down reflections and stories that I felt like shaped me and ultimately led to my decision to become a priest. I gave a copy of my book to my close family and friends as a thank you and as a way to explain or offer a glimpse into how I got to the point where I was laying on the floor promising to give my life to the Church.

I've since offered copies of the books to my seniors for free since I teach them a class on vocations, and while they aren't all thinking about becoming priests, there is a lot in the book about discernment and trying to figure out what God wants with each of us.

I've decided that if there are people out there who would like a copy, I have about 100 left, and I am offering copies for 20 dollars. This will help defray the printing costs for the copies I give to the seniors, and sometimes it is easier for people to pick up and read things when you know the person who wrote it.

So if you are curious about my journey or you know someone who is trying to discern where God is calling them in their life, this book might be a good one for them.

If you would like a copy, please just send a check for 20 dollars to
Fr. John Hollowell
c/o Cardinal Ritter High School
3360 W. 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN

When you send me the check please let me know what address you would like the book shipped to. God bless!

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  1. Father Hollowell, Received your book today. Thanks for the quick turn-around. It looks like a good read - I'm not sure I can wait until Lent to start it. Blessings and prayers for you. Joan