Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pigging out on Pornography

Mary Eberstadt has written a very insightful article in the latest edition of the magazine First Things. The article, titled "The Weight of Smut" compares America's problem with pornography to our problem with obesity. The view from the confessionals around the Archdiocese is that this is indeed a problem that is wrecking the lives of men, and the worst part about it - many don't make the connection between the pornography and the problems that it causes in their lives. Give the article a read - whether you are addicted to pornography or know someone who is (and we all are at least in the latter category), it will be most helpful for you. The article can be found at:

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  1. Shortly before her death, nine-year-old Jacinta Marto, one of the three seers of Fatima, said, "The sins which cause most souls to go to Hell are the sins of the flesh." This was revealed to her by our Blessed Mother. Sister Lucia verified the accuracy of this in later years. Clearly, pornography is a sin of the flesh which causes souls to be lost. Coupled with the list of repercussions resulting from pornography presented by Ms. Eberstadt's team, I have all of the reason I need to do all I can to protect my wife and children from the pornography so prevalent in our culture. Thank you, Father, for providing me with another tool to do so. May our Lord Jesus continue to bless and guide your work.