Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Popcorn?

I LOVE a good film. I have a passion for working with film editing (which I help teach at Ritter) and so I like to watch true artists at their craft.

Along these lines, let me first of all plug a movie that is several years old - The Family Man. It stars Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni, both of whom show amazing acting ability. I had only seen Leoni in "Bad Boys", and some other forgettable movie - and so her acting in The Family Man blew me away. I mention it because we just watched it in my classes at Ritter. We just finished looking at some of the "do not's" of the Church with regard to marriage (IVF, contraception, homosexuality) and are going to finish the year looking at the tons of great stuff the Church has to say about marriage in a positive sense.

With some movies, the more you see it the more it gets boring. The more I watch The Family Man, the more I am blown away by the film. The script is pure genius, and every scene tells a story. The film is PG-13, although there is an F-bomb (we skipped it in class), and there is also some sexuality - but all of it is shown for a good reason. If you are ever looking for a good film that looks at the dignity of marriage, pick up the family man - there is a ton of Catholic teaching on marriage just beneath the surface.

Now to the present - next weekend sees the release of Robin Hood which teams up Russel Crowe with his Gladiator director Ridley Scott. Gladiator was subtly Catholic enough for me - in the Robin Hood trailer it looks like Robin Hood's Catholicism will be on display as we see Crowe at one point make the sign of the cross. I'm Curious to see how it is treated in the film, but mostly I'm just excited for a film that looks to be very well made. See you in the theater!

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