Friday, March 30, 2012

Father Barron on the Hunger Games

Glad to see Fr. Barron is in agreement with my analyses on the Hunger Games. I have seen the movie twice now. I viewed it at the midnight showing, and then I went back to watch it at a regular time with a friend from Ritter. I must say that from an artistic standpoint, I was MUCH more impressed the second time around. Perhaps it was because I wasn't dead tired! Any way, I think it is an important book/film (as is the whole series) and I really like Fr. Barron's analysis (as usual), especially his comments at the end about how the series could, in some way, be prophetic of a place our country is heading.

P.S. to those who have asked about violence - I think the film did a MARVELOUS job of not glorifying it and of showing as little of it as humanly possible. You can tell that Suzanne Collins, who wrote the books, also had a hand in the script writing (which she does) because just as the books are not in any way a glorification, the movie avoids that glorification as well!